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2 weeks ago the RE’s office called me to schedule a time for me to come in for extra bloodwork. All of that “special” bloodwork done on the day of my HSG came back with a very low TSH (thyroid). The nurse was very concerned sounding and literally said “this could be what’s affecting your fertility.” I could maybe want to punch her for saying that just a week after our final negative test. So, they wanted me to come in 2 weeks later to see if it is consistently low and then we’ll deal with it from there.

Tomorrow I go in for the bloodwork to see if it is consistently low. In the mean time I had basically forgotten about the appointment. Today the nurse called to remind me of my appointment and that my referral had expired… but they called my office and I wasn’t there (WHY DO THEY CALL THERE)! So, I couldn’t call them back to remind them we got a new referral in April before this one ran out and all should be well. I imagine having to go over all of this in the morning when I’m not feeling like dealing with all of their mumbo jumbo.

I’ve had several people ask “so you’ll take some medication and start trying again?” No. That is not my plan. My plan is to not try anything until we get our future sorted out, settled in a house and see where our savings are at.  We might move forward with IVF or move to alternatives. I don’t want to waste more money on IUIs that don’t work for me. So, we’ll see what’s going on and start medication if needed.

Life.. it is not so hard right?


2 thoughts on “Forgetten Fertility topic

  1. Wow, getting your thyroid sorted out could make all the difference. Almost every woman in my family (both sides) had had significant thyroid problems so I was pretty concerned about it, since it is implicated in both conception and mc problems. Here’s hoping you’re able to get it figured out without much trouble!


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