Home buying

We have only been at this home-buying thing for a few months now but it really seems like forever. Today we saw a great ranch style house, which I prefer, and put an offer in! The listing agent is busy with her son’s graduation today and won’t have time to relay the offer until tomorrow!! Geez, who said people could have lives when my future home is hanging in the balance?

This house is in a suburb of Philadelphia, in a different county. The perks are a yard, decent taxes, and schools have a better reputation. There is parking that doesn’t involve paying a meter or driving around for 45 minutes!

What is it about the act of submitting an offer on a house that causes your entire future to flash before your eyes and anxiety to take over your mind? The hour leading up to the paperwork was as easy as pie but then once we know the paperwork is out there with the seller it takes over our whole thinking process and all the questions start.. what if it is the wrong house? the right house? what if there is something that doesn’t pass inspection? Are we doing the right thing?

Some photos of potential house..

exterior exterior2 kitchen


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