Inspection + photos

Doing a home inspection while the nanny and kids are home was very weird, let me tell you. The nanny was trying to get to know us and injecting herself into the conversations. It was so awkward! It felt like a creepy interview. The sellers also left us a nice note about getting in touch with them directly if we had questions. We won’t be doing that but whatever.

House passed inspection! A few concern areas were small plumbing issues, a chimney issue, and the roof being old but undamaged. The major concern was the master bathroom shower has tile issues so we need to remodel that entire space. That’s slightly exciting! We essentially have a house folks, holy crap!




3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sun room, laundry room, enclosed back porch, huge yard, and small driveway! Just what we wanted. It’s the perfect amount of space for us to enjoy without feeling like we need to buy stuff to fill it. I feel like it’ll be full with just what we have now, ha ha. Can’t wait until we get all the random stuff out of the way and can move in.

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