Medical update

I went to the dermatologist on Thursday. No real news. The physician was still unsure of what the issue is. She said it could be a weird fungus or cancer, same thing my primary doctor said. She took a photo and said I need to be referred to a surgeon for biopsy. She called me yesterday with a number to call to set up the biopsy at a different practice.

The annoying thing- The surgery center is booked until the end of August! Are you kidding? If I wanted an appointment in Philadelphia I’d have to wait until October so I chose a different location to get a sooner appointment. I seriously can’t believe a practice is booked 4 months out for these kinds of procedures. I am thinking of trying to get to a  different surgeon in network. I have great insurance, this shouldn’t take so long.

Would you find a different physician or just wait it out?

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3 thoughts on “Medical update

  1. I’d call around. They told me it’d be a month before my wife could get her kidney stone dealt with (she had a stint to keep her kidney alive at that point, she was still in a good deal of pain). She called her primary care doctor and got a referral and surgery within a week or so.

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