Our garden areas have become overgrown with what I think is bull thistle. Last weekend my gardening adventure was cut short due to heat so I picked it back up today. There is this massive growth that I originally thought was a weird flower.


I attempted to pull it out today but no luck. The leaves and stalk are very sharp and prickly. There are purple flower buds. My expert gardener (literally) friend told me these buds hold many seeds and once they get in the ground more thistle will grow. Great! We have to cut off the buds into a bag without letting anything float away in the breeze. We are planning to clip off the buds into a bag and then come up with a way to get the rest out of the ground without being stabbed to death. Ugh.

Did I mention that I hate outdoors and gardening? This is not my favorite part of home ownership.

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What a week

On the 17th we closed on our house. We had a busy weekend so didn’t really spend any time there until Sunday. We stupidly decided on a 100+ degree day that we should paint and set the dirty oven to self clean. We almost died it was so hot. We also learned those paint gun things are garbage and do not paint smoothly. The paint looked like a kid flicking paint off their fingers. Not the look we intended. This weekend we aim to fix the paint in the botched room. We were successful at one thing- getting rid of wasp nest and the spider infestation outside the house. We also met some strange neighbors.

Tomorrow we hope to paint at least 2 rooms and then start prepping the next rooms to be painted. It’s a process but it’s ours. I’m very overwhelmed that we can’t get things done by move in on August 14th. We need both bathrooms remodeled but it looks like no contractor is available to do the job immediately. That sucks. We are still contacting different businesses for estimates.

I went for first round of eye stuff on Wednesday. No magical results but they referred me to my own doctor for the usual bloodwork, just in case. They also referred me to their neuro ophthalmologist to get my nerves checked. That appointment is in September. I have stabismus appointment Aug 3 and a month later the neuro. Joy! Meanwhile I have no real eye issues outside of them testing me. The blood is still there but they aren’t concerned that it’s an eye issue. So, I’m just going on with life. Ha ha.

Eye Eye or Aye Aye

In the midst of the anxiety leading up to closing on our new home, I had an eye emergency. On Tuesday I went to Urgent Care as a result of some double and blurry vision. They sent me to the emergency room. I don’t live in the city so I didn’t go to one of the brand name hospitals, I went to the local hospital. After the standard wait to be seen, I was basically told they couldn’t do anything for me because they don’t have eye equipment. What they did do was test eye pressure and check for eye injuries. Neither of these were particularly pleasant “exams.” They suggested I go to the eye emergency room. I was like “WHAT?” So on Wednesday afternoon I left work early and went to the eye emergency room, it’s a legit thing! Of course, because they only do eye stuff, the wait was minimal. The staff were AMAZING! I really liked the people and they looked at all of the options.

In the end, I was diagnosed with retinal hemorrhage due to some mysterious bleeding in my right eye. There are no “normal” issues that cause this. I don’t have the medical conditions that typically cause this. I have had no eye trauma. So next week I’ll have a several hours long testing session to hopefully find the cause of the bleed. The second part of this situation is that my right eye is also not looking forward as it should. I have a weird thing where my eye is turning out. They said I likely had it as a child and that it often comes back as an older adult. I’m not an “older” adult am I?! So, I have to see another specialist in August for more testings and to work on that. I’ll likely get new glasses with prisms so that my eyes are directed forward again. Oh, the joy!

Thank goodness for insurance is all that I can say. All of this would be so much worse if I didn’t have helpful insurance. My 2 ER visits were a total of $70 and my office visits for the testings will be $15. For $100 I can figure out why my eyes aren’t following directions any longer.

I secretly wanted to get an eye patch and be all piratey “aye aye” mateys!

Almost there

On Friday we close on the house, that is SO HARD to wrap my head around. It is mostly difficult because I have this long list of things in mind that need to be done or that worry me.

You know…

paint the walls

fix the firewall thing in the attic

remodel the bathrooms

find out who picks up the trash (not the township)

learn where the grocery store is

figure out our commute to work

put fence up so dogs don’t attack stray cats (we have been warned)

get moved in, SLEEP IN MY HOUSE!

get moved out of apartment, clean it

adjust to the financial burden of early home ownership – the hardest part

I am at the stage where I can’t sleep. I’m simultaneously excited and scared to death. I had my first cry about the stress a few days ago, out of nowhere. I just want it all to go so smoothly and not feel really stressed. I’m so worried about something going wrong. We’ve arranged the movers, the utilities and have a “Get stuff done” schedule. What could go wrong? Besides everything falling through at closing? See what I’m like?

This week

4 years ago I was pregnant. Do you know how weird that is? I could have a toddler right now. 4th of July isn’t the happy holiday for me that it was before. I remember us going for the first time to see the big fireworks show at Penn’s Landing and going to a big festival in Chinatown during the few weeks of pregnancy. It was so exciting and nerve-wracking and then devastating.

When people ask what we are doing for the holiday – it is NEVER going to be go to fireworks. I just don’t think I’ll be able to have that experience without being so utterly sad in my memories.

Earlier this week I literally talked a client off a bridge. I have no crisis intervention skills and I was in a position where I was all he had. It was hours of emotional turmoil and feelings I can’t describe. In the end, he walked off the bridge instead of jumping to his death and that is a “success.” Then he was taken into custody for his own protection. That part is always so hard to wrap my head around – the jail as treatment model.

On the upside, we did finally find out that we are got into the mortgage program we applied for. Sometime next week we should get the official mortgage monies figured out. I feel like it’s okay to celebrate our little victory because there is no going back now. YAY home ownership.