Almost there

On Friday we close on the house, that is SO HARD to wrap my head around. It is mostly difficult because I have this long list of things in mind that need to be done or that worry me.

You know…

paint the walls

fix the firewall thing in the attic

remodel the bathrooms

find out who picks up the trash (not the township)

learn where the grocery store is

figure out our commute to work

put fence up so dogs don’t attack stray cats (we have been warned)

get moved in, SLEEP IN MY HOUSE!

get moved out of apartment, clean it

adjust to the financial burden of early home ownership – the hardest part

I am at the stage where I can’t sleep. I’m simultaneously excited and scared to death. I had my first cry about the stress a few days ago, out of nowhere. I just want it all to go so smoothly and not feel really stressed. I’m so worried about something going wrong. We’ve arranged the movers, the utilities and have a “Get stuff done” schedule. What could go wrong? Besides everything falling through at closing? See what I’m like?


4 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. This part is so exciting! I couldn’t sleep the week we closed, either. Embrace that list because it will get longer every day for a while. It feels like every time we cross something off of our list, 3 new things are added!


  2. I remember those feelings when I bought my first house. It’s very scary for sure but also so so exciting. Get to paint, plant, customize, decorate, have fun, be loud, party, and make the rules. All the things that are awesome about owning a house. Of course your worries are valid and I can assure you it will all work out. *hugs* Take a deep breath and eat a cookie. Cookies always make things better. πŸ™‚


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