What a week

On the 17th we closed on our house. We had a busy weekend so didn’t really spend any time there until Sunday. We stupidly decided on a 100+ degree day that we should paint and set the dirty oven to self clean. We almost died it was so hot. We also learned those paint gun things are garbage and do not paint smoothly. The paint looked like a kid flicking paint off their fingers. Not the look we intended. This weekend we aim to fix the paint in the botched room. We were successful at one thing- getting rid of wasp nest and the spider infestation outside the house. We also met some strange neighbors.

Tomorrow we hope to paint at least 2 rooms and then start prepping the next rooms to be painted. It’s a process but it’s ours. I’m very overwhelmed that we can’t get things done by move in on August 14th. We need both bathrooms remodeled but it looks like no contractor is available to do the job immediately. That sucks. We are still contacting different businesses for estimates.

I went for first round of eye stuff on Wednesday. No magical results but they referred me to my own doctor for the usual bloodwork, just in case. They also referred me to their neuro ophthalmologist to get my nerves checked. That appointment is in September. I have stabismus appointment Aug 3 and a month later the neuro. Joy! Meanwhile I have no real eye issues outside of them testing me. The blood is still there but they aren’t concerned that it’s an eye issue. So, I’m just going on with life. Ha ha.

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