It’s time

Tomorrow the movers come and our apartment is in shambles. We have moved so much ourselves but it just isn’t enough. We have the kitchen completely together at the house and some of my mother-in-laws belongings are in.

She was weird about movers so we had to move her bed, dressers, and valuables today. That wouldn’t have been an issue except C was doing it alone because I had to work. He left his tools at the house so he couldn’t take her bed frame apart and somehow managed to get it down a flight of stairs and into the moving van on his own. He-Man! He also prematurely moved her remote for the sleep number bed so he couldn’t deflate it to move. Another item that he managed to not break while moving. He could have asked our nice neighbors to assist but he is shy. If I were here I’d have borrowed the damn wrench and wrangled helpers. Just saying. I’m really impressed that he got her moved by himself.

I’m at the apartment packing up things while he is at the house putting her bedroom together. I feel like I’m making progress but my back hurts so much right now that I am feeling defeated. I haven’t had that feeling this whole month of home improvement and moving but all of a sudden I feel broken. I suppose that means I’m really ready for the movers. If only they were also packers!

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