Diy: painting stripes

Today we took on a closet renovation. We bought a closet organizing system and wanted the back wall to have something interesting. Today we settled on stripes. Our bedroom will be Behr’s Prairie Sky so we used that as the accent stripe color. For the main closet color we used Glidden’s Silver Reflection. I followed another blog’s stripe painting instructions to the letter and had a great result.

You’ll need frog tape, a level, pencil, paint of your choice and a steady hand.


Before: Typical white closet with warped shelf and wood planks holding it all together.


Measure how big you want your lines. I did 5 inches for the blue and left 7 inches of the gray.


Real women wear pink? Whatever, they are comfortable. Ha ha. Drawing my perfectly level lines.


Tape off the base color of your lines to give room for painting the accent. Paint along the tape in your accent color in case it decides to bleed. My blue paint looks white but oh well. You get the idea.


All of my accent stripes are painted with 2 coats.


Pull tape off immediately, do not let it dry because it could pull paint off if it gets too dry.


My beautiful striped closet.
Tomorrow we install the closet organizer, look for more photos then!

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