untitled because I’m out of words

Today I was supposed to have a biopsy on my toe. The schedule person  apparently booked me for an “office visit” so it could not be done today. After I waited two freaking months and made an appointment nowhere convenient for me because it was the soonest opening that had the proper surgeon! The doctor was very apologetic that she didn’t have time to do it today because I had only been scheduled for a short visit and she wouldn’t want to hurriedly rush through the procedure. I respect that but I’m still VERY PISSED OFF that I waited 2 months to get the biopsy that I now must wait 2 more weeks for. When scheduled they asked specifically what did I need and I told them what Dr referred me and why. I clearly didn’t need another consultation, I was just coming from a different office (SAME PRACTICE) that didn’t have this specific type of surgeon. There was nothing new the Dr could say today, just sorry and let’s schedule the soonest available. So on 9/09, which is also the day I see the neurologist, I go back to the dermatologist and have my entire toenail removed. I’m really stressed out about this and the discomfort for weeks/months but it’s necessary for proper testing and healing. If it’s all gone then there is no chance of it returning.. or so they say.

I did not go into work after the appointment I could have. I had planned on being out and unable to walk for a day or two so no way was I going in while angry and nonfunctional. I came home and painted part of the dining room. That got out some excess stress!


6 thoughts on “untitled because I’m out of words

  1. How frustrating! I think you did the right thing by not going back to work. Besides, everyone needs a personal day from time to time and we don’t always take them. Enjoy the day off!


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