House Warming

We had a house warming/anniversary party yesterday. I think we ended up with about 30+ people who came by to check it out and celebrate with us.


Our dining room got many compliments. The color is really wonderful, we love it. We’ll be adding more art to the walls even though my mother-in-law basically said I can’t.

We received several gift cards for home stores and some lovely gifts.



In the end, we realized we have such an eclectic group of people in our life and they are all wonderful. Someone commented to me afterward that we have “interesting” friends and the conversations were unique. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in my house!

I have an annoying neighbor already. I think she caught on to the queerness of several other guests and then she hightailed it out of here. She is a very strange bird.

I had 2 people ask me about our baby plans..I think this is because there is no dedicated space for a baby and they were curious. So we told them about our plans for no kids. I was told that I handle it very well (talking about our decision) and I’m not sure how that is to be taken. One thing is clear, wrangling ten kids is tough. I couldn’t handle the loudness, the bickering, and throwing of  things. Parents tried to keep them in the proper areas with toys, not slamming doors, or chasing my dogs. I don’t know how parents do it and, in those moments, I’m glad not to ever have to deal with it full time.



Happy puppies are a great way to end any post!

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