Minor surgery


I had my toenail removed today for biopsy and research purposes. It was the weirdest process. I had to get lidocaine without epinephrine because I’m “allergic” and it took 7 shots..maybe more because I stopped counting after that. Once it was numb it went quickly. I didn’t feel anything until it was fully removed and then it felt weird, different.    They told me to expect a lot of bleeding because the drugs didn’t have epi. So yay.

I have a nice big bandage and am waiting at a Pharmacy to buy a walking boot because the Dr gave me nothing to support this whopper toe bandage. I must keep it wrapped for 2 weeks. It’s worth it if I can get around. No sandals or flops will work with my delicate feet. As you know, I’m a disaster waiting to happen. Best to protect myself from the get-go. It hurts and it’s only been one hour. I have a back up prescription of Percocet but I don’t plan to fill it unless necessary. If the throb settles down I’ll be good.

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