I will survive

My toe is healing nicely, I think. I spoke with the Dr today when she called to talk about the biopsy results and she said it sounds like I’m healing up just fine. The good news is that I have a bad strain of fungus. The good news is it’s not cancer! I have to take medication for 3 months to “permanently” kill off the fungus so that it doesn’t come back when my nail starts to grow. That is my worst nightmare- having to go through all of this again.

I have graduated to wearing a large bandaid and regular shoes. I’m still walking on the outside of my foot so it looks like I am waddling or exaggerated limping. Oh well. I’m happy to at least not be walking on the surgical shoe which was so padded that my gait was off and my hips were really bugging me.

Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled life.

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