Humming along

Life is just humming along.

It has been about a month since the great toe surgery of 2015. I still had gauze stuck as of last weekend but it seems to have healed now. I saw my regular Dr yesterday to discuss recent bloodwork related to my eye issue and a check up on the toe. The good news is my toe does really look great and is healing appropriately. The bad news is that I am still in the “will one day be diabetic” zone and my only option is to lose weight. Due to my diet actually being okay they are recommending exercise. He went through this whole formula of how to figure out how much I should exercise and in the end it was 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes with my heart rate between 90-130. Anything higher than that will not be beneficial to me. At least the only thing to blame is my crappy pancreas for demanding to be insulin resistant. At this stage there is no need for medical intervention, just keep on with metformin that I’ve been on for one thing or another for years. Joy. I need to come up with a work-out plan so that I am meeting this 3x weekly goal. I don’t want my health to get worse and I definitely don’t want to gain any weight.

We are still renovating here and there. We attempted to renovate the main bathroom but the materials the company was using were too fumey for my mother in law and her lung disease. They referred us to someone who could do the work and right now that person is retiling and putting in a new floor. This bathroom renovation has been the worst thing ever! There are still heavy fumes that are affecting all of us. MIL is miserable and really struggling and this makes her be grouchy and difficult in all aspects. However, the  bathroom is coming along very nicely and we expect it to be completed by the weekend. YAHOO! I’ll post photos when that’s done.

Little AJ that I was writing about is doing okay. He made it through the first of several surgeries and is still in the cardiac critical care unit. He’s getting bigger and much cuter every time I see photos. My friend returned home last week but we are cheering on this little guy from wherever we are. It is going to be a long road for this munchkin.

It is fall, the best season in my opinion. We are planning a few outings and I can’t wait to enjoy some not warm weather. Nothing says love like hot chocolate, crisp air, and a cold nose!


2 thoughts on “Humming along

  1. I am so glad your toe is healing. I read about the gauze that sounds awful. I had left over staples that kept the padding in place on my chest. It knew something wasn’t right as it hurt then itched right in the middle of my chest. When I went to the Dr, he said ooops left a few staples in there. Uh what? I kept one 🙂

    I’m also prediabetic. *sigh* I’m supposed to lose weight and exercise everyday. I was doing really well when I was on first shift. 3 mile walks everyday on lunch. Now I don’t have motivation for much of anything. I’d love to ride my bike but I need a destination. Riding around this little town isn’t appealing to me. Maybe when we move to Portland I’ll be a bit more motivated. 🙂

    And yay for baby AJ. I’m so glad he’s doing well. 🙂


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