Ode to a social worker

I’m dealing with a bit of compassion fatigue at the moment and trying not to drown in the sorrows of my clients. I don’t know how it has gotten so bad but I just realized it today. So many days of bringing all the baggage home with me and not being able to get past it. It’s overwhelming. I haven’t felt like this about my job since I started over 2 years ago. I hope it’s just a slump from several rough cases recently.

On another note I’m on the short list to be a “test case” for a new program our office is starting. I’d be the first person in my unit to be selected for this job but it’s something that will be happening to everyone over the next year according to gossip. I think it’s awesome and was excited to be talked to by superiors to feel me out and see if I’d be interested. I was recommended by several attorneys which made me happy. The other candidate is my office mate whom I really love to work with. We know that we do stellar work and get compliments from attorneys all the time, even if our direct supervisors don’t acknowledge our good deeds. There is no time for when this new program will go into effect but they will keep me/us posted.

I have been loosely looking for other employment but if I am going to switch roles, I’d stay where I am to see how the role changes. I look forward to the challenges and working with a smaller group of people but we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll write more about this if/when it happens.

October was an awful month. I got sick the first week of the month and am just now feeling better. I ended up with bronchitis and took all the needed meds to get over it. Finally, I have a small little cough that remains but I’m not nearly as exhausted as I was and my lungs aren’t heavy. YAY! So glad I got that flu shot. haha. On the up side of all this, I did adhere to the diet plan my Dr suggested and I’ve lost ~7lbs in a month! Hope you are all staying healthy and on your toes. It’s that time of year.


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