Where is the time going

Almost 2 weeks since Thanksgiving? What? My amazing whiskey turkey was, indeed, delicious. Our guests loved it, we loved it, and the sides weren’t so bad either. I really impressed myself with the root vegetable mash. Yummo! We made this raspberry mousse that was so rich and sweet and I didn’t want to share it. That was a huge hit. We crashed and burned after the guests left. 8 hours of entertaining people can be too much. Bless all of you who have sleep over guests for the holidays!



Our fake Christmas tree is up, our cute indoor ornaments are hung, and we are ready for December 25th to roll around. We have zero plans besides making ham and being lazy. What will you be doing?



We have been very social lately. This weekend I’m hosting a cookie exchange party. It’s my first time and I’m very excited about it. We are making four varieties of cookies, 2 for consumption and 2 for guests to take home. It’ll be awesome. Next weekend we’re having a Star Wars marathon with our friend, her daughter, and a girl we are babysitting. It’s bound to be loads of fun. At least the kids can play if they don’t like 1970s movies..maybe I should bring a coloring book in case I don’t like them?

My birthday is very close to New Year’s so no one is ever available. I’m postponing celebration until late January and people are excited. It’ll be a trampoline party. Woot woot! Kids and parents can all have a great bouncing time.

This was just a calendar entry and I should post something with more emotions but I’m just starting to not be depressed so I’ll hold off on the feelings talk for a little while. Thanks for understanding!

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