Life is busy

I’ve had a lot going on, friends! My social calendar has been overflowing and work has been intense also.

In September we hired a new Chief so the honeymoon seems to be over and we keep hearing about changes. Slowly some things are changing but she, the chief, promises big changes and a new direction for the office. Attorneys and support staff are all on edge. No one knows what’s next. I’ve had a run of cases that have been work-intensive. It’s nice and I don’t mind being busy.

Every weekend has been full of friend time and activities. When did we become so social?! I haven’t even been to church since December! This weekend we went to PostSecret Show and it was amazing. If you haven’t found the website before now, you have to check it out. It was so moving and overwhelming to experience that with hundreds of other people. I’d definitely go again and recommend it to others.

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