Career meanderings

Would you rather have a steady job at a stationary location or a free lance type position with changing work and lots of travel involved?

I’m thinking very long term here and what I might want to do with my life after a few years experience. I have limited opportunities working where I am. If I want to continue this work I’ll need to leave my agency because there is no movement, advancement, or raises. We don’t have enrichment training or refresher sessions, we work independently with zero accountability to supervisors. I want to know I’m doing my best work but, with no oversight, how do I know what needs improvement? I’d like to get proper supervision and improve my performance.

I’m thinking of eventually gaining enough skills to be a private contractor. Has anyone here struck out on their own with a marketable skill set? But doing so would involve traveling wherever the cases are and setting all relevant people. Perhaps it’s all a dream.

2 thoughts on “Career meanderings

    1. Yes! We don’t even get yearly reviews or anything. We just work our cases and close them out and no one cares if we got someone out of jail, a better sentence, or do nothing. It’s so odd!


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