My mother-in-law passed away this morning. I felt it last night and didn’t want to go to bed. I even told my friend staying with us “tonight feels different, I just don’t think she’ll make it.” I decided to be on morphine duty every 2 hours so I could keep an eye on her. At her 4:30am dose she was agitated and not as she has been. I woke my husband up and we sat with her until she passed away an hour later. Our dogs were with us, one laying on her legs. Her hospice team came out quickly and the funeral home was soon to follow. We’ve taken care of the arrangements for cremation and will pick her up in a few days.
It’s surreal and heart breaking. Our house feels so quiet now that her oxygen machine isn’t here. It’s strange thinking of all the things we didn’t do, like her mother’s day dinner or special projects we had planned. My husband is devastated, they were very close. His mom was so proud of him and so grateful for us doing so much for her. I’m glad we were able to offer her comfort in her last years and give her great experiences.


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