Boston anyone?

If you have 6 hours near Boston how would you spend it? We’ve spent zero time there but will be going in a few weeks to bury C’s mom’s ashes and want to do something fun afterward.
All suggestions welcome!

8 thoughts on “Boston anyone?

  1. Ooh I’m on this! What type of tourist are you? Foodie? Classic tourist/see the sights type? Outdoorsy?

    The freedom trail is a literal red line on the ground that leads you around the historic sites in the city. That’s always fun. Also there are swan boat rides for pretty cheap in the Public Gardens. There are usually long lines on the weekends though. Walking around the North End is historical and also delicious (Mike’s Pastry and Modern Pastry are both great and attract the tourists. Bova’s is delicious and doesn’t usually have a line). Boston is very walkable in general so you could certainly spend a ton of time just strolling around.

    We’ve lived here 10 years so definitely hit me up for restaurant suggestions and the like.


    1. Awesome! We are both foodie and classic tourists. We like outdoor things that don’t involve hiking or excessive sweat. lol. Someone suggested the Public Gardens and everyone has said Mike’s Pastry shop. Some folks have advised to avoid Boston altogether and go to Salem. But we’ll be in Burlington and want to see what’s good nearest us for a quick trip. I love walkable, Philly is like that. So easy to be a tourist!


      1. Meh, Salem’s fun around Halloween but nothing too special otherwise. I say if the weather is nice, hit up Mike’s Pastry/ the North End and do some strolling around the Common/Public Garden too. When you’re there you’re basically right next to Beacon Hill, and there are some cute boutiques on Charles Street. If you make it all the way up Charles Street, you can stroll along the Charles River.

        Harvard Square is also always a blast (shopping, food, people watching, Harvarding). Have fun!


      2. Also, yes. My brother, sister, and best friend all live in Philly and my wife is from there so we are there a lot! Boston is similarly walkable and historic feeling, but different in 2 key ways: 1) it’s smaller, and 2) it makes zero sense. No numbered streets, no grid, streets literally just put where the cow paths were … Just make sure your phone has juice and you have a good maps app.


      3. Ha ha ha. I’ve heard that from MA people..about the cities not being grids. Who didn’t want a gets set up when creating Boston? It’s always number street meets tree street.
        I feel like we are practically neighbors now!

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