Mail love

Maybe you know, but maybe you don’t, that I’m a mail junkie. I have penpals, collect pens and stationary, and mail postcards and random packages to strangers. It’s something that’s very important to me.

Yesterday I received a package from my best penpal friend. We text every day and have spoken on the phone once. We have never met in ~9 years of friendship. She lives on the West coast and I’m on the East coast. We’ve been through a lot together and have written our hearts out during miscarriages & pregnancies, weddings, deaths and work drama. She’s one of those people I can text at 2am and not worry about being screamed at.

This year has been rough on both of us with work changes, big life decisions, and losing important loved ones. We agreed to get matching somethings a few weeks ago. I put her in charge of the something. 

I received this lovely package with a necklace that reads “and so I fly” It’s perfect for us and life in general. That card that came with it had me crying. The necklace was inside the little bag, which was inside the bigger bag, inside a cute unicorn card. She is so thoughtful and a fabulous friend. I am lucky to have such phenomenal people in my life.

Do you have a best friend you’ve never met? 


End of summer news

My last post was work related and so is this one. Yesterday I accepted the position I had applied for. This moves me to a new floor, with new attorneys, and a massive amount of work in front of me. If you’re curious about the work, search “juvenile life without parole” and read about the Supreme court decisions that came out in January. Some people are already being released from prison. My job will be to assist attorneys in identifying the mitigation needs and adequately offering that information to parole boards and judges to get new sentences or parole. In a 6 person unit, I’m the only non attorney. The other person they hired to be a mitigation specialist is an attorney. I’m feeling some kind of incompetent because I’m no legal mind. I’m sure I’ll be fine, though, because I catch on fast. 

I’m really excited to be doing such unique work. Also, a huge pay raise (tens of thousands) helps me relax about the significant amount of work required. Lots of work should equal more money, right? There will be travel across the state and that will mean we need a second car. I’m not rushing on that though because they told me that travel will be months away from now. I start Sep 6th as long as I get my current case load under control for someone to take over. 

My current unit does have a new Chief who started a few weeks ago. He is very charismatic and people are drawn to him. We had a nice chat 2 days ago and the next day I get the offer. He’s sad to see me go and I am sad to see what he’ll make of the unit. I’m also sad to move away from my office mate. He’s really been my support and we are each others “person” at work. I hope we’ll be able to have lunch sometimes. 

Our travel bug continues. We are off to Washington D.C. for a day trip on Saturday. Labor day weekend we’ll be in Cleveland visiting our best couple friends and meeting their kids first the first time. We are so, so excited about this! At the end of September we are going to Minnesota for a week for two weddings. That’ll be fabulous and I’m so happy for my friends! 

We celebrated 6 years of marriage last weekend. Hard to believe we have been together so long but I can’t imagine it any other way. 

Hopefully I won’t wait 2 months to post again.