Things I did on vacation

We spent ten lovely days in the Twin Cities. We spent much of our time catching up with our friends. It wasn’t too full of a trip which is usually my vacation downfall. 

We went to a wedding in Alma, Wisconsin on our last full day. It was scenic and beautiful. I’m glad we were able to be there for our friend on her wedding day.

We went to the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota. It’s a random, small, free museum that I highly recommend. It’s come a long way since I was there ten years ago. Plus, free samples! 

I am 20 cans tall. Ha ha ha

We visited Stillwater, MN. It’s a cute little town with a decent shopping area. There had been heavy rains abd the area was flooded. The St. Croix River isn’t usually this high! 

This is a great scenic view taken from Mill City Museum..another must see attraction!

In all, it felt great to reconnect with my friends and get away from work. 

I’ve been feeling unorganized and coming back from vacation didn’t help. I’m still trying to get it together. Today was a big court day for my unit and I’m exhausted from all the emotions that go into these things.


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