Lost blog friend

I’ve been following Rebecca at Fosterhood blog longer than she’s had her daughter’s (~4yrs). I have diligently read her posts daily and, now that she has deactivated it, my heart hurts. We haven’t met or communicated privately but I cheer on her family and am watch the struggles in NYC  foster system that she shares. She’s a great writer and a good “imaginary friend” in my mind. Do you have blog people that you follow who you are attached to even though you have zero personal interaction? 

I hope she comes back some day and finds her faithful followers again. Meanwhile I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for her, the girls, and the other families stuck in the cog of foster care. 

2 thoughts on “Lost blog friend

  1. The deletion of this blog also came up in my foster/adopt group. A lot of the members knew her personally and thought her over sharing of her children, the case workers, and agency were not a good idea and that she should have shut the blog down along time ago. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s illegal to share info about foster children.


    1. I know a lot of folks have opinions. I think that her agency did give her sharing guidelines that she posted about before, so in her experience I think she wasn’t breaking agency rules. The authorities were always aware. I never saw her foster daughters image there (back of body shots only) and she used a nickname. I really enjoyed their adventures and her advocacy for foster children in her home and in the system. It’s sad to see her go. I know there is a strong blog community who love/miss her and those who don’t.


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