Aunt 3x

My sister in law was induced on Wednesday night due to too much amniotic fluid. I don’t know the ins and outs of the issue but her medical folks felt they needed to get Maxine out so into labor she went. Yesterday my SIL was 37 weeks along so they felt it was safe. My niece was born at approximately 9pm EST and is doing well. She’s tiny- less than 6 pounds and only 19 inches. In Alabama you must stay in hospital for 48hrs while they perform “state tests” on your child. Not sure wtf that actually means but the new parents are happy to be in the center of attention in the hospital.

Mama wouldn’t allow photos of herself for the first 12hrs afterward but baby looks great!

My younger brother and his first child. 💜

I’m not there, which is sad, but I did see them a few weeks ago and will see them in a few months hopefully. They’re strange new parents so I likely wouldn’t be allowed to visit immediately anyway. I’m glad not to be in the mix of family drama and hurt feelings at the hospital. I can enjoy her arrival from afar. 

This is my 2nd niece and I also have a nephew. Man, I never thought my little bro would have a kid before me but it’s ok. I’m happy for them and for our journey. 


4 thoughts on “Aunt 3x

  1. sewingbutterfly

    Cutie pie! Love squidgie new bubbas. We were a bit like your brother and SIL, we had a ‘parents only’ rule whilst in hospital and for the first few weeks, so only my parents and my inlaws visited and NO ONE stayed with us, we made them either get a hotel or stay with family. Everyone got invited to meet baby when we visited around the 6 weeks mark once bubs had his immunisations and we felt confident enough to travel the 5 hours to see them. The rest saw him at his baptism when he was just over 2 months old.

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    1. I tried to explain to my mom that parents do things differently these days but she was so upset that there was no visiting immediately when she was born. And they wanted everyone to get the whooping cough shot. I’m not much for disrespecting their wishes, I’ve had friends that did the no visits for a long time thing. I’m just glad everyone is happy and healthy.

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  2. MamaSoto

    Sweet pudgy newborn! Man..I totally have baby fever over here. lol. I hear you about that thinking that we would have kids before our younger siblings. I remember being absolutely devastated when my sister announced her second pregnancy when my wife and I were in the thick of TTC. It hurt for several reasons (not the least of which was her announcing it on FB before she told me), but the main reason was because I was absolutely stricken with jealousy. Here she was with unlimited access to sperm and now 2 babies and we were struggling so hard just to have one. It was hard, man. Of course you love your nieces and nephews, but sometimes just acknowledging the disappointment is good for one’s soul as well. Sending you and your whole family love ❤

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  3. Thank you for this comment. I try not to “act ok” because it causes other negative feelings and reactions. I’m ok with where we are headed and, amazingly, am not jealous of my brother. When they first announced the pregnancy I was but now I’m so happy for her existence.


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