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I recently had one of my clients friend request me on Facebook. This was the first time that had happened. I mean, after 40 years in prison, he gets out and discovered Facebook. He needed friends and who more appropriate than your legal team?! I asked him to respect the professional boundary and he was ok with it. Luckily it’s only happened once.

As we get closer to our foster care license I’m anxious about how accessible I am. This week I changed my privacy settings and Facebook name. Has anyone else done this? Am I being irrational that people (first/bio families) will look for me online? 

Something flipped my switch and I almost deleted Facebook…but I’m in several foster groups that I think are too useful to abandon. Ugh. This is how it starts, right? They suck you in and you can’t leave. Boo. I do feel better knowing my unique name will not be on Facebook. I’ve googled myself several times over the years to be sure there is nothing I don’t want out there. I cleaned up my entire internet identity a few years ago, getting comments on public sites removed, news articles taken down, and long lost profiles deleted. I am vigilant about presenting as a professional and I don’t want anything to stain my identity. Now I have the added concern of having angry people I don’t know possibly being able to find me online. Here is hoping I’ve sufficiently protected myself from stalkers.

How do you feel safe on the internet?


11 thoughts on “Social media

  1. I haven’t had Facebook account in years. My husband never used his Facebook account but deleted it the second we decided to adopt. I don’t think there is one right approach, it’s just a matter of figuring out what is best for your family.

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  2. I used to care, 1st&middle name, no last name. Now i dont care. I dont think ppl are that interested in my life lol, the few clients whi have tried over the years to friend me have had no issues with me saying no (i always try to be polite and explain of course)

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  3. This Blog is the only account we have. We have not had Facebook, Insta, Twitter, or any other sort of social media since we have been together. It wasn’t that we didn’t feel safe, we just felt there was too much negativity on these sites. We don’t judge those who use them, they just aren’t for us. 😊

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  4. You’re 100% correct to assume first families will try to find you online. I’ve watched it happen a couple of times. I even had a friend who donated eggs be contacted by the recipient using Google image search (she had a photo of the donor from her profile). Consider creating an alternate facebook account JUST for news, groups, etc. that has no photos of you or names. I find it VERY helpful and fun to read that news feed – way more interesting than the usual gossip from my friend-feed!

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  5. Foster parents need to be extra careful about protecting the identity of the children in their care. At the same time, foster parents need the support of other foster families, as they uniquely understand the joys and trials of caring for children who come from tough places. Since it can be hard to find those people in the local community, foster parents want to blog. To balance privacy and support, blogs are done anonymously.

    You mentioned some helpful foster care sites? Could you share them? I’m always on the look out for good places.


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