Are your pants on fire?

I have this relative that I think most people have one of. She’s a compulsive liar. I think there is something deeper going on because she copies what other people are going through. I had a miscarriage and the next day so did she, allegedly. Her sister had a medical issue that fussed two of her organs, suddenly this person has a similar issue with her uterus. This woman lives off other people’s trauma. I’m glad we don’t live near each other because I’d probably punch her in the face.

So, back to me. On Thursday our relatives received their foster parent announcement cards. We got calls and messages and people are happy for us. Thursday night my lying relative posts on Facebook “we have finished our foster to adopt classes. We will meet our newborn son in 3-5 weeks when he is born. This is a closed foster to adopt.” And she included a sonogram photo. Her language for the situation seems inappropriate if she is closed adopting a newborn. There are so many flaws with this story that I could scream. 

She and her husband live in their car on a beach in Florida. Neither of them have steady jobs and he can’t get a legal job. His visa expired 2 years ago and he can’t renew it without risking deportation because he waited so long. This also means, to me, that they wouldn’t pass the background check. They did some shady illegal things last year and most people think there are warrants for their arrest. In what real world would the government approve them for children? I am so angry at her attempt to high jack my life.

My sister tried to probe her with comments but our relative was ducking her questions. Someone else commented “wow, the wait list for babies is very long in America, I’m surprised you’re jumping to the front of the list.” No response from fake-mom-to-be. The worst part that we all see coming is the explosion. What sob story will she create for why she didn’t get a baby in a few weeks? Will the mom change her mind, will the fake baby be stillborn, will she say she and her husband changed their minds? She’s using this excuse to get money and donations right now. It’s really sad. 

Not one relative posted a congratulations to her. That says something, no one believes the lie. Her friends are buying into it but her parents and siblings know better. She’s burned so many bridges by lying, stealing, and spontaneously moving across the country. No one wants to deal with her scams. Maybe I am too skeptical, maybe she is magically getting a newborn baby to adopt next month. We’ll see.


17 thoughts on “Are your pants on fire?

  1. DUDE!!! She is probably a relative of mine, some crazy phsyco that married my unlce and I swear to you, I could have been writing this every 6 months for the past 8 years. It never ends! And honestly, I’m glad that this “aunt” doesn’t go anywhere that I go, because she KNOWS I will donkey punch her in the throat for all the drama and hurt and anguish she has caused to so many family members. Just to give you an idea of what we have dealt with for the past 8 yrs, her M.O. is sending mail to government organizations ANONYMOUSLY claiming that we didn’t pay taxes, stealing government funds, alcoholic abusive parents resulting in CPS investigations, calling the american Cancer Society and telling them that my other aunt WHO HAS BREAST CANCER was fraudulently collecting funds and pocketing the money!!! LIKE WTF!!!??!! So i hear this so hard, and i wanna punch your relative in the face too! Truth is though, how amazing are our lives that the envy is THAT real! Be proud she wants to copy your life, friend! Her’s is that miserable! Pray for her…that’s all we can do!

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    1. Okay, your aunt takes the cake! To take advantage of sick people is the worst! In the past 24 hours she has posted photos of her kissing a stomach, some twin ultrasounds, and lots of baby clothes. It’s a mess. My sister is really over protective and I am just holding her back from losing it on our relative. Grr! I have a fabulous life and I guess if I were someone else I might envy me too.

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      1. Exactly! That’s the way i see it too, but that rationalization doesn’t keep me from driving past her house a few times a year with a baesball bat in tow just HOPING that she would come out of her face and say something to me! LOL! And you have a good sister! BUt you also have a good friend…here…what’s the email so i can blast her! LOL!

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      2. Her story ended tragically on Facebook today. She posted that she had been “outbid” for the soon to be born baby. Also, she posted that she knows everyone thinks she is lying but no one understands her. Ugh.


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