Back on track isn’t pain-free

Part of my four month goal is to get in better shape between now and January. I’m really awful about going to the gym even though it’s about 5 seconds from my apartment. It just feels like a weird foreign place. So, I’ve decided to take up home exercise with YouTube videos. I found a channel that does 5-20 minute videos. Each one focuses on a different part of your body and seems a lot less boring than this Gillian Michaels DVD I attempted last year.

Yesterday C and I did 2 videos and were like “wow, that was a hell of a work out!” Today we are like “what the hell were we thinking our bodies went through the ringer!” I am no small woman. Doing crunches is a nightmare, my body does NOT bend that way and the chances of it doing that without losing 50lbs is very slim. My abdominal area as sore, my knees are sore, and my hips are not happy! I imagine if I keep at it, I will eventually not feel like I’m dying every time I laugh or walk, right? We have decided to do this routine every other day until our body doesn’t ache so much and then we will step up to every day.

We already eat healthy but are making a real effort to avoid sugar. The desserts are our downfall. If we work out regularly and leave out the sweets we will be on the right track. I know people say “No Pain, No Gain,” but I really hope that we don’t end up breaking ourselves into little pieces. haha.