House Warming

We had a house warming/anniversary party yesterday. I think we ended up with about 30+ people who came by to check it out and celebrate with us.


Our dining room got many compliments. The color is really wonderful, we love it. We’ll be adding more art to the walls even though my mother-in-law basically said I can’t.

We received several gift cards for home stores and some lovely gifts.



In the end, we realized we have such an eclectic group of people in our life and they are all wonderful. Someone commented to me afterward that we have “interesting” friends and the conversations were unique. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in my house!

I have an annoying neighbor already. I think she caught on to the queerness of several other guests and then she hightailed it out of here. She is a very strange bird.

I had 2 people ask me about our baby plans..I think this is because there is no dedicated space for a baby and they were curious. So we told them about our plans for no kids. I was told that I handle it very well (talking about our decision) and I’m not sure how that is to be taken. One thing is clear, wrangling ten kids is tough. I couldn’t handle the loudness, the bickering, and throwing of  things. Parents tried to keep them in the proper areas with toys, not slamming doors, or chasing my dogs. I don’t know how parents do it and, in those moments, I’m glad not to ever have to deal with it full time.



Happy puppies are a great way to end any post!

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It’s time

Tomorrow the movers come and our apartment is in shambles. We have moved so much ourselves but it just isn’t enough. We have the kitchen completely together at the house and some of my mother-in-laws belongings are in.

She was weird about movers so we had to move her bed, dressers, and valuables today. That wouldn’t have been an issue except C was doing it alone because I had to work. He left his tools at the house so he couldn’t take her bed frame apart and somehow managed to get it down a flight of stairs and into the moving van on his own. He-Man! He also prematurely moved her remote for the sleep number bed so he couldn’t deflate it to move. Another item that he managed to not break while moving. He could have asked our nice neighbors to assist but he is shy. If I were here I’d have borrowed the damn wrench and wrangled helpers. Just saying. I’m really impressed that he got her moved by himself.

I’m at the apartment packing up things while he is at the house putting her bedroom together. I feel like I’m making progress but my back hurts so much right now that I am feeling defeated. I haven’t had that feeling this whole month of home improvement and moving but all of a sudden I feel broken. I suppose that means I’m really ready for the movers. If only they were also packers!

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Thistle update

It’s gone! We pulled as much as we could but still have to dig up roots once we have more time.


You’ll also note the weird tree blocking the right window is gone. Our arborist friend came, and with C’s help, chopped the tree down. I’m so sad to kill a beautiful weeping cherry tree but it is much better for the house that it not continue to push on the shingles and roof.

So, mission yard project is basically complete! We still have painting to do inside and we move in one week. Eek!

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Our garden areas have become overgrown with what I think is bull thistle. Last weekend my gardening adventure was cut short due to heat so I picked it back up today. There is this massive growth that I originally thought was a weird flower.


I attempted to pull it out today but no luck. The leaves and stalk are very sharp and prickly. There are purple flower buds. My expert gardener (literally) friend told me these buds hold many seeds and once they get in the ground more thistle will grow. Great! We have to cut off the buds into a bag without letting anything float away in the breeze. We are planning to clip off the buds into a bag and then come up with a way to get the rest out of the ground without being stabbed to death. Ugh.

Did I mention that I hate outdoors and gardening? This is not my favorite part of home ownership.

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What a week

On the 17th we closed on our house. We had a busy weekend so didn’t really spend any time there until Sunday. We stupidly decided on a 100+ degree day that we should paint and set the dirty oven to self clean. We almost died it was so hot. We also learned those paint gun things are garbage and do not paint smoothly. The paint looked like a kid flicking paint off their fingers. Not the look we intended. This weekend we aim to fix the paint in the botched room. We were successful at one thing- getting rid of wasp nest and the spider infestation outside the house. We also met some strange neighbors.

Tomorrow we hope to paint at least 2 rooms and then start prepping the next rooms to be painted. It’s a process but it’s ours. I’m very overwhelmed that we can’t get things done by move in on August 14th. We need both bathrooms remodeled but it looks like no contractor is available to do the job immediately. That sucks. We are still contacting different businesses for estimates.

I went for first round of eye stuff on Wednesday. No magical results but they referred me to my own doctor for the usual bloodwork, just in case. They also referred me to their neuro ophthalmologist to get my nerves checked. That appointment is in September. I have stabismus appointment Aug 3 and a month later the neuro. Joy! Meanwhile I have no real eye issues outside of them testing me. The blood is still there but they aren’t concerned that it’s an eye issue. So, I’m just going on with life. Ha ha.

Almost there

On Friday we close on the house, that is SO HARD to wrap my head around. It is mostly difficult because I have this long list of things in mind that need to be done or that worry me.

You know…

paint the walls

fix the firewall thing in the attic

remodel the bathrooms

find out who picks up the trash (not the township)

learn where the grocery store is

figure out our commute to work

put fence up so dogs don’t attack stray cats (we have been warned)

get moved in, SLEEP IN MY HOUSE!

get moved out of apartment, clean it

adjust to the financial burden of early home ownership – the hardest part

I am at the stage where I can’t sleep. I’m simultaneously excited and scared to death. I had my first cry about the stress a few days ago, out of nowhere. I just want it all to go so smoothly and not feel really stressed. I’m so worried about something going wrong. We’ve arranged the movers, the utilities and have a “Get stuff done” schedule. What could go wrong? Besides everything falling through at closing? See what I’m like?

This week

4 years ago I was pregnant. Do you know how weird that is? I could have a toddler right now. 4th of July isn’t the happy holiday for me that it was before. I remember us going for the first time to see the big fireworks show at Penn’s Landing and going to a big festival in Chinatown during the few weeks of pregnancy. It was so exciting and nerve-wracking and then devastating.

When people ask what we are doing for the holiday – it is NEVER going to be go to fireworks. I just don’t think I’ll be able to have that experience without being so utterly sad in my memories.

Earlier this week I literally talked a client off a bridge. I have no crisis intervention skills and I was in a position where I was all he had. It was hours of emotional turmoil and feelings I can’t describe. In the end, he walked off the bridge instead of jumping to his death and that is a “success.” Then he was taken into custody for his own protection. That part is always so hard to wrap my head around – the jail as treatment model.

On the upside, we did finally find out that we are got into the mortgage program we applied for. Sometime next week we should get the official mortgage monies figured out. I feel like it’s okay to celebrate our little victory because there is no going back now. YAY home ownership.

It’s final

We got the mortgage!! We have been stressing so much waiting to find out if we got it. It kept going for review because our income was in question. Ugh, a mess!

But, today, finally it all fell together. We close on July 17th and then we get started making this house our home. I’m scared and excited and this feels so serious. I hope we can handle the responsibility.

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Inspection + photos

Doing a home inspection while the nanny and kids are home was very weird, let me tell you. The nanny was trying to get to know us and injecting herself into the conversations. It was so awkward! It felt like a creepy interview. The sellers also left us a nice note about getting in touch with them directly if we had questions. We won’t be doing that but whatever.

House passed inspection! A few concern areas were small plumbing issues, a chimney issue, and the roof being old but undamaged. The major concern was the master bathroom shower has tile issues so we need to remodel that entire space. That’s slightly exciting! We essentially have a house folks, holy crap!




3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sun room, laundry room, enclosed back porch, huge yard, and small driveway! Just what we wanted. It’s the perfect amount of space for us to enjoy without feeling like we need to buy stuff to fill it. I feel like it’ll be full with just what we have now, ha ha. Can’t wait until we get all the random stuff out of the way and can move in.

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Offer accepted

EEK!! Our realtor let us know a few hours ago that the seller accepted our offer. They have not officially signed the paperwork because the listing agent is weird and doesn’t know how to attach documents to an email.. but we should officially have that tomorrow! Yippee! We’ve written the first of many checks and are on track for an inspection on Thursday and then we see what’s next.

The anxiety is killing us!