Prayers needed

My mother-in-law, whom lives with us, is terminally ill and her time will come soon. We are at the hospital now waiting on hospice but they say her life is coming to an end very soon. She went downhill very fast and though she’s been ready for death for a few years, it’s still hard on us.
I don’t know what the days ahead will bring. I hope she goes peacefully.


Humming along

Life is just humming along.

It has been about a month since the great toe surgery of 2015. I still had gauze stuck as of last weekend but it seems to have healed now. I saw my regular Dr yesterday to discuss recent bloodwork related to my eye issue and a check up on the toe. The good news is my toe does really look great and is healing appropriately. The bad news is that I am still in the “will one day be diabetic” zone and my only option is to lose weight. Due to my diet actually being okay they are recommending exercise. He went through this whole formula of how to figure out how much I should exercise and in the end it was 3 times a week for at least 40 minutes with my heart rate between 90-130. Anything higher than that will not be beneficial to me. At least the only thing to blame is my crappy pancreas for demanding to be insulin resistant. At this stage there is no need for medical intervention, just keep on with metformin that I’ve been on for one thing or another for years. Joy. I need to come up with a work-out plan so that I am meeting this 3x weekly goal. I don’t want my health to get worse and I definitely don’t want to gain any weight.

We are still renovating here and there. We attempted to renovate the main bathroom but the materials the company was using were too fumey for my mother in law and her lung disease. They referred us to someone who could do the work and right now that person is retiling and putting in a new floor. This bathroom renovation has been the worst thing ever! There are still heavy fumes that are affecting all of us. MIL is miserable and really struggling and this makes her be grouchy and difficult in all aspects. However, the  bathroom is coming along very nicely and we expect it to be completed by the weekend. YAHOO! I’ll post photos when that’s done.

Little AJ that I was writing about is doing okay. He made it through the first of several surgeries and is still in the cardiac critical care unit. He’s getting bigger and much cuter every time I see photos. My friend returned home last week but we are cheering on this little guy from wherever we are. It is going to be a long road for this munchkin.

It is fall, the best season in my opinion. We are planning a few outings and I can’t wait to enjoy some not warm weather. Nothing says love like hot chocolate, crisp air, and a cold nose!

I will survive

My toe is healing nicely, I think. I spoke with the Dr today when she called to talk about the biopsy results and she said it sounds like I’m healing up just fine. The good news is that I have a bad strain of fungus. The good news is it’s not cancer! I have to take medication for 3 months to “permanently” kill off the fungus so that it doesn’t come back when my nail starts to grow. That is my worst nightmare- having to go through all of this again.

I have graduated to wearing a large bandaid and regular shoes. I’m still walking on the outside of my foot so it looks like I am waddling or exaggerated limping. Oh well. I’m happy to at least not be walking on the surgical shoe which was so padded that my gait was off and my hips were really bugging me.

Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled life.

Minor surgery


I had my toenail removed today for biopsy and research purposes. It was the weirdest process. I had to get lidocaine without epinephrine because I’m “allergic” and it took 7 shots..maybe more because I stopped counting after that. Once it was numb it went quickly. I didn’t feel anything until it was fully removed and then it felt weird, different.    They told me to expect a lot of bleeding because the drugs didn’t have epi. So yay.

I have a nice big bandage and am waiting at a Pharmacy to buy a walking boot because the Dr gave me nothing to support this whopper toe bandage. I must keep it wrapped for 2 weeks. It’s worth it if I can get around. No sandals or flops will work with my delicate feet. As you know, I’m a disaster waiting to happen. Best to protect myself from the get-go. It hurts and it’s only been one hour. I have a back up prescription of Percocet but I don’t plan to fill it unless necessary. If the throb settles down I’ll be good.

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untitled because I’m out of words

Today I was supposed to have a biopsy on my toe. The schedule person  apparently booked me for an “office visit” so it could not be done today. After I waited two freaking months and made an appointment nowhere convenient for me because it was the soonest opening that had the proper surgeon! The doctor was very apologetic that she didn’t have time to do it today because I had only been scheduled for a short visit and she wouldn’t want to hurriedly rush through the procedure. I respect that but I’m still VERY PISSED OFF that I waited 2 months to get the biopsy that I now must wait 2 more weeks for. When scheduled they asked specifically what did I need and I told them what Dr referred me and why. I clearly didn’t need another consultation, I was just coming from a different office (SAME PRACTICE) that didn’t have this specific type of surgeon. There was nothing new the Dr could say today, just sorry and let’s schedule the soonest available. So on 9/09, which is also the day I see the neurologist, I go back to the dermatologist and have my entire toenail removed. I’m really stressed out about this and the discomfort for weeks/months but it’s necessary for proper testing and healing. If it’s all gone then there is no chance of it returning.. or so they say.

I did not go into work after the appointment I could have. I had planned on being out and unable to walk for a day or two so no way was I going in while angry and nonfunctional. I came home and painted part of the dining room. That got out some excess stress!

What a week

On the 17th we closed on our house. We had a busy weekend so didn’t really spend any time there until Sunday. We stupidly decided on a 100+ degree day that we should paint and set the dirty oven to self clean. We almost died it was so hot. We also learned those paint gun things are garbage and do not paint smoothly. The paint looked like a kid flicking paint off their fingers. Not the look we intended. This weekend we aim to fix the paint in the botched room. We were successful at one thing- getting rid of wasp nest and the spider infestation outside the house. We also met some strange neighbors.

Tomorrow we hope to paint at least 2 rooms and then start prepping the next rooms to be painted. It’s a process but it’s ours. I’m very overwhelmed that we can’t get things done by move in on August 14th. We need both bathrooms remodeled but it looks like no contractor is available to do the job immediately. That sucks. We are still contacting different businesses for estimates.

I went for first round of eye stuff on Wednesday. No magical results but they referred me to my own doctor for the usual bloodwork, just in case. They also referred me to their neuro ophthalmologist to get my nerves checked. That appointment is in September. I have stabismus appointment Aug 3 and a month later the neuro. Joy! Meanwhile I have no real eye issues outside of them testing me. The blood is still there but they aren’t concerned that it’s an eye issue. So, I’m just going on with life. Ha ha.

Eye Eye or Aye Aye

In the midst of the anxiety leading up to closing on our new home, I had an eye emergency. On Tuesday I went to Urgent Care as a result of some double and blurry vision. They sent me to the emergency room. I don’t live in the city so I didn’t go to one of the brand name hospitals, I went to the local hospital. After the standard wait to be seen, I was basically told they couldn’t do anything for me because they don’t have eye equipment. What they did do was test eye pressure and check for eye injuries. Neither of these were particularly pleasant “exams.” They suggested I go to the eye emergency room. I was like “WHAT?” So on Wednesday afternoon I left work early and went to the eye emergency room, it’s a legit thing! Of course, because they only do eye stuff, the wait was minimal. The staff were AMAZING! I really liked the people and they looked at all of the options.

In the end, I was diagnosed with retinal hemorrhage due to some mysterious bleeding in my right eye. There are no “normal” issues that cause this. I don’t have the medical conditions that typically cause this. I have had no eye trauma. So next week I’ll have a several hours long testing session to hopefully find the cause of the bleed. The second part of this situation is that my right eye is also not looking forward as it should. I have a weird thing where my eye is turning out. They said I likely had it as a child and that it often comes back as an older adult. I’m not an “older” adult am I?! So, I have to see another specialist in August for more testings and to work on that. I’ll likely get new glasses with prisms so that my eyes are directed forward again. Oh, the joy!

Thank goodness for insurance is all that I can say. All of this would be so much worse if I didn’t have helpful insurance. My 2 ER visits were a total of $70 and my office visits for the testings will be $15. For $100 I can figure out why my eyes aren’t following directions any longer.

I secretly wanted to get an eye patch and be all piratey “aye aye” mateys!

Medical update

I went to the dermatologist on Thursday. No real news. The physician was still unsure of what the issue is. She said it could be a weird fungus or cancer, same thing my primary doctor said. She took a photo and said I need to be referred to a surgeon for biopsy. She called me yesterday with a number to call to set up the biopsy at a different practice.

The annoying thing- The surgery center is booked until the end of August! Are you kidding? If I wanted an appointment in Philadelphia I’d have to wait until October so I chose a different location to get a sooner appointment. I seriously can’t believe a practice is booked 4 months out for these kinds of procedures. I am thinking of trying to get to a  different surgeon in network. I have great insurance, this shouldn’t take so long.

Would you find a different physician or just wait it out?

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Walking Disaster

On Tuesday I fell in the middle of a busy street. There was no ice, snow, debris. I was literally standing there and fell into the street before I knew it. This is not a first occurrence for me, I fall frequently. When I was in Seattle in November I fell and sprained my ankle and roughed up my knee. This time, I really roughed up BOTH knees and by the time I walked the one block to my office I had a knot on my leg. I called the DR and was in the office in about an hour. Fastest appointment ever!

The result: I hit a blood vessel which is why I got a knot instead of my normal bruise. The knees were pretty rough and they put some cream on them and bandaged them up before sending me on my way. The real kicker of this appointment was the Dr was very concerned with my balance – lack of. I ended up with a referral for Vestibular Therapy. She thinks something is setting my balance off and I should get it checked out. I do tend to walk slanted rather than in straight line and I run into things and fall on a regular basis. So, I’ve got to make an appointment with that specialist person to see what the heck is making me so clumsy.

Did you know clumsy is a medical diagnosis? That’s what my referral says “Clumsiness: lack of coordination.” Geez, I feel like I picked the right clown name from my “old days” – the name is Clumso. hahaha.